“This is the place where I feel like I belong!”

3rd Grade Student

Who We Are

Nativity of Mary is an accredited Catholic parochial school offering preschool through eighth grade, with an average class size conducive to meaningful learning

For more than 50 years, Nativity of Mary School has been providing students with a superior educational learning experience. We believe real success is achieved when Gospel values are made a routine part of our children’s development.

The nurturing of personal faith, high academic standards and outstanding extracurricular opportunities have always been the cornerstones of Nativity of Mary School. Our state-certified teaching staff is committed to providing students with opportunities for spiritual, academic, physical and social growth.

Why Choose Nativity

Individualized Focus

With about 16-19 students in any of our classrooms, our teachers are able to address the individual needs of each child. They maintain high expectations for students and encourage them to discover their creativity and unique talents.

Spiritual, personal and character development

The joyful, and faith-centered environment in our schools enriches and enlivens the minds, hearts, and souls of our children. Grounded in the Gospel message, we believe the development of values and character rival academic rigor in creating a successful life. Self-discipline and kindness are readily evident in the classroom and hallways of our school. And together, faculty and students explore the Catholic faith through daily prayer and participation in the Mass, retreats, and services.

Supportive Community

An ingredient you can always count on in our school is caring. Students thrive in our community because it is invested in their growth and development.