Nativity's COVID-19 Task Force

First Day of School Adjusted to Tuesday, September 8th

Recently Bloomington Public Schools announced they were changing their start date to September 8th. Nativity follows Bloomington’s calendar as closely as possible and after consulting with our COVID-19 Task Force, teachers, and families of Nativity, we have also decided to change our start date to September 8th. This additional time also allows our staff to take extra time to prepare for the start of the year and all the changes that will be in place. We recognize that this may put a strain on some of the families who were depending on an earlier start date. Therefore, we plan to offer childcare for those who need it. To help us prepare, we have a question on the survey below regarding your need for childcare for the week of 8/31.

The Nativity of Mary COVID-19 Task Force has been meeting weekly since July to create and update Nativity’s Pandemic Preparedness and Readiness Plan (PPRP) based on the Archdiocesan Protocol Framework that was provided on July 7. The 13 person COVID-19 Task Force includes 3 parents who are part of our School Action Council, 4 teacher representatives (one each from Preschool, K-2, 3-5, and Middle School), 4 other Nativity staff members including our school nurse, Father Nathan, and Principal Ryan Pajak. We will be working together, using guidance from the Archdiocese, CSCOE, MDH, the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other experts, to create a plan that is safe and thorough. The task force is also coordinating with neighboring Catholic schools to share ideas, policies, and guidelines.

We will take a four-phase approach during the upcoming school year. We will start in Phase 2. Our task force will meet throughout the school year to review our PPRP and analyze the need/opportunity to move into a new phase.

  • Phase 1: Distance Learning- as experienced last spring, but with enhancements based on our staff’s review and reflection on our spring session. This may be necessary at some point in the year and our task force will look to guidance from the archdiocese and MDH in making this decision.

  • Phase 2: In-person learning with a combination of restrictions and strategies to reduce risk of transmission. This is where we will begin the school year.

  • Phase 3: In-person learning with reduced restrictions and strategies. We will roll back some of the restrictions and strategies from Phase 2 in order to provide a more robust learning environment while keeping some in place to maintain a safe environment.

  • Phase 4: In-person learning with no restrictions or mitigations strategies needed for safe operation of our school. We recognize some strategies may become the new normal and will continue as we enter Phase 4.

We are committed to having our students in class, at Nativity starting September 8. 

Thank you for your support and patience as we plan for a safe, successful school year!  

Busing Update

We continue to engage with Bloomington Public Schools regarding busing for Nativity students. Currently, the district has committed to busing our students two days per week (either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday, depending on the family) while the district implements their hybrid schooling model. We understand this is not an ideal situation and our conversations with Bloomington will continue as we try to secure busing five days per week while exploring other options. 

Parent Survey

Please take a quick 3-minute survey regarding your family’s back-to-school needs. You will find the link to the survey in an email that went out to our Nativity Families. We would like to know whether your family intends on returning for in-person learning or will be choosing at-home/online learning, your transportation needs for the school year, and a few other items.
If you did not receive an email please contact

Other Updates

  • The school has purchased four sanitizer/temperature check stations that will be located at entrances for arrival. Parents are still expected to do a home health check each morning by taking their children’s temperature and monitoring for other symptoms. Upon arrival to school, students will have their temperature checked and will be required to use the automatic dispensing hand sanitizer. These stations will be re-positioned during lunch and students will have a temperature checked prior to eating lunch.
  • The school has purchased break-away lanyards for every student as a way to hold their masks when not in use. These will be distributed on the first day of school.
  • Hot lunch will be available for students. We encourage families to bring cold lunch if it works for their family, but there will be no requirement to do so. Students will be 6 feet apart while eating in the lunchroom.
  • We are continuing to plan for a modified Back-to-School Night and Parent Night. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Our Back-to-School Packet will be sent home this week. We will also send the majority of the items in this packet via email. Communication folders will be digital this year!
  • School supply lists are available on the school website