Nativity Fundraising

Nativity of Mary School asks families to participate in annual fundraisers.

Each family with a student enrolled in K – 8 is responsible for $500 of fundraising for Nativity of Mary School. The responsibility is $500 per family, not per child. This correlates to 3 long-running fundraisers at Nativity.  These fundraisers are split in the following way: 52-Club Raffle ($150), Spirit of Spring Raffle ($100), and Scrip ($250)

The $500 responsibility was included in your tuition agreement, but you can earn the $500 back through your own fundraising efforts. Below are the options regarding fundraising.


Raffle Tickets:  You will receive 10 each for the 52-Club and the Spirit of Spring.

To Earn Money Back:  

You can sell the 10 tickets you received for each raffle as you would any other raffle tickets, but you keep the money. You have already purchased the tickets in the tuition agreement, so this is an opportunity to earn back that money.

Alternate option:

Fill out and return your 52-Club and Spirit of Spring Raffle tickets. Please do this or you lose you opportunity to win!  The raffle tickets are yours and filling them out will not require any additional funds.

Note:  Only the initial 10 tickets for each of the 52-Club and the Spirit of Spring are included in this program.  Any additional tickets must be requested and paid for separately. Additional tickets earn money for the school and are a great way to support Nativity!


Scrip Program:  

To Earn Money Back:  

Participate in the Scrip program, earning back money against the $250 in your tuition agreement associated with Scrip. For the first $250 you earn in Scrip profit you get 100% of the funds back against next year’s tuition.  After you have earned $250 in Scrip profit, any additional profit goes to the school. 

Alternate Option:  

Do nothing, you have fulfilled your obligation already via your tuition agreement. 

Note: Each vendor of Scrip has a different percentage profit that is earned for each dollar spent.  For more information on how to earn with Scrip, please contact Wanda Hagarty in the school office.



Purchase your Shutterfly Scrip gift cards, and then go online to order your Shutterfly items at Nativity Shutterfly:
Nativity will receive a 13% commission, on all orders just click through the Nativity storefront, that is it! When they click through and make a purchase, your organization will receive 13% of the net order (after discounts and before shipping and taxes).

General Mills Box Tops For Education


How to generate additional dollars: Visit the Box Tops for Education website for a list of eligible items and how to donate.


Simply go to On the “Choose my Charity” (you may need to go to “Your Account”), in the “Pick Your Own Charitable Organization” search field, enter “Nativity of Mary Catholic Church & School”. Click the Select button and you are all set. The only catch is when you go to Amazon, you have to sure to go to for Nativity to get the percentage.