Nativity School Lunch Program

The Nativity of Mary School lunch program is serviced through an independent lunch program. We are part of the Federal Lunch program and families may apply for free or reduced meals through our school. As a school, our mission is to provide healthy, delicious lunches for all of our students through the lunch vendor each year.
Each child will receive a lunch number at the beginning of the school year that they will use when taking school lunch. They will enter this number in the lunch line to track what they have purchased. Using your Cornerstone/Educate account, you will be able to make online payments and track your child’s use of the lunch program and see what they have eaten.

Prices for 2019-2020


$2.50 (8:45 – 9:15 a.m.- Free for Kindergarten)


$3.05 for Preschool-Grade 8
$2.00 Extra entree
$4.00 for adults

$.75 for most A La Carte items – Purchase tickets before school in the lunch room.