We are a strong community! We want to share our school spirit and spread a little love to our community! Help us do this by creating a Nativity Spirit Cross and hanging it in a widow or outside your door!

Take a picture of your cross and send it to us at marketing@nativitybloomington.org. We would love to create a beautiful collage with all of the crosses!

How to make your Nativity Spirit Cross!

Here are the materials you will need:

  1. Paper (Blue or White)

2. Scissors (and parental supervision)

3. Marker

4. Blue Coloring Materials (ex: markers, crayons, paint)

5. Tape

Now for the instructions!

  1. Outline the shape of a cross using the Marker

2. Decorate the cross using your Blue Coloring Materials (get creative!)

3. Cut out the cross using your Scissors

4. Get out your Tape

5. Tape your cross to your window or outside of your door! (somewhere that can be seen by neighbors walking or driving by)

6. Take a picture of your cross and send it to us at marketing@nativitybloomington.org, and/or post it on your social media using the hashtag #NativitySpirit