Our Mission

Nativity of Mary Catholic School provides a Catholic education that fosters academic excellence and spiritual growth while preparing students to become responsible citizens in a global society.

Our Vision

Nativity of Mary is a Catholic school grounded in foundations presented in the Gospels of Jesus, and guided by the wisdom of the rich and diverse history of the Catholic Church. Committed to educational excellence, we provide a comprehensive curriculum with meaningful and challenging instruction. Nativity of Mary provides a supportive environment emphasizing spiritual growth, social interest, peace, justice, and respect for diversity.  We empower our students with the tools, skills, and knowledge to be relevant Christians in an ever-changing society. Nativity of Mary prepares and encourages students to be life-long practitioners of Christian values and to share the Gospel message with others.



  • Encourage students to have a closer relationship with God through the teaching of Catholic doctrine, traditions, and moral values.
  • Integrate religious values and teachings into the academic areas of the curriculum.
  • Celebrate weekly mass, prayer services, and daily prayer, and prepares students for sacrament.


  • Accredited by Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA), which utilizes a comprehensive, diversified curriculum that meets Minnesota state standards as taught by Minnesota licensed teachers
  • Integrates Catholic values within the curriculum, and provides meaningful and challenging instruction in communication, mathematics, the sciences, technology, the arts, and physical education.
  • Incorporates up-to-date technology in a well-rounded, engaging learning environment.
  • Embraces a strong knowledge base, an adeptness of skills, and intrinsic study habits that will prepare students for higher education.
  • Encourages students to be life-long learners, to live principled lives,  to contribute to a global society, and to be the problem-solvers of   the future.


  • Assist in the development of each student as an individual to boost their confidence, foster curiosity and inventiveness, and promote leadership.
  • Provide a safe and positive environment where the worth of the individual is appreciated.
  • Nurture students by giving them emotional support and by assisting them in developing cooperative social skills.
  • Stress the importance of setting and accomplishing goals.
  • Encourage, guide, and support students to fulfill leadership roles within our school setting and in the broader community.


  • Cultivate the integration of social values with the school, the parish, and local and global communities.
  • Instill a strong sense of social justice in our students.
  • Welcome school families, parishioners, and people from the community to be involved in our school.
  • Provide students valuable opportunities to participate in a variety of spiritual and service related activities.
  • Create a climate where community service and the desire to help others continue throughout the students’ lives.