Nativity Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Nativity of Mary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a partnership whose purpose is to strengthen, enhance, and encourage the educational and social environment of the school  through volunteerism and community building activities.

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2018-2019 Meeting Schedule:
Every Nativity of Mary parent is a member of the PTO and is encouraged to attend our meetings. PTO meetings will be held on the dates below in the Church Gathering space beginning at 7:00 p.m.

September 18, 2018  (September Presentation) PDF
October 23, 2019 (October Presentation) PDF
Nov. 21, 2019
Jan.15, 2020
Feb. 19, 2020
April 4, 2020
May 7, 2020

Volunteer at Nativity of Mary!

Nativity depends on the volunteers hours our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, alumni and friends of the school provide. Our Volunteer activities cover a wide variety of interests and offer options that can fit into everyone’s schedule – even of the busiest working parent (inside or outside the home). As a non-public school, we need everyone’s involvement, and we strongly urge every family to volunteer. Keep in mind that all volunteers must complete Virtus Training.

Here are the links for instructions for background checks and the Virtus Training:

Our Virtus and volunteer programs are coordinated through parish staff. Jen Millikin is our Safe Environment Coordinator and Carol Oldowski teaches our Virtus classes. If you have any questions, please email Jen at

Your volunteer hours help contribute to the programs we can offer our students and our students look forward to seeing you at school.

Nativity of  Mary – Parent Teacher Organization Bylaws

Section 1: NAME – The name of the organization shall be called the Nativity of Mary Catholic School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).
Section 2: OBJECTIVES –
1) To administer parent volunteer programs within Nativity of Mary Catholic School
2) To work with and support the principal/SAC to establish and promote educational, social, and/or fundraising events for the benefit of the Nativity of Mary School and to coordinate such events.
3) To work with the Volunteer Coordinator staff person to ensure that all parents have met the obligatory background and Virtus training requirements.
4) To encourage all families to meet their volunteer commitment to the school.

Membership shall be automatically granted to all parents and guardians of Nativity of Mary Catholic School students and all staff. There are no membership dues. Members have voting privileges, one vote per household.

Executive Board – Establish and oversee committees to conduct the work of the PTO and events of the school; oversee fundraising programs; develop written materials and procedures for all events and fundraising in order to use as a guide for each future year; appointed SAC members will act as the liaison between the PTO and SAC/Administration.

Section 1: Officers – The Executive Board shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary. Officer positions can be shared. These officers are appointed by SAC/Administration.

Section 2: TERM OF OFFICE – The term of office for all officers is two years with the option to continue for an additional two years.

Section 3: QUALIFICTIONS – Any PTO member in good standing may become an officer of the PTO. The officers serve at the discretion of the administration. An officer can be removed from office for failure to fulfill his/her duties, after reasonable notice, by administration.

Volunteer Programs:

  • Recess (Patrol)
  • Lunch Service
  • Library

Volunteer Events:

  • Back-to-School Night (Parent Committee Tables)
  • Heritage Days (Parade)


  • Rake-A-Thon
  • Bully Free Week
  • Grandparents Day


  • Parent Teacher Conference Meals


  • Bus Driver Appreciation


  • Book Fair
  • Family Dance


  • Holistic Breakfast
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Field Day


  • Garage Sale (6-7th Grades)

November: Read-A-Thon
April: Spirit of Spring
Others as planned by PTO to support PTO events.

GENERAL PTO MEETINGS – General PTO meetings shall be held to conduct the business of the PTO.  Meetings shall be held twice a year during the school year or at the discretion of the Executive Board, typically one in the fall to assign subcommittees for the events and fundraising and once in the spring to appoint officers and review success of the year and set new objectives. All meetings must have school leadership represented, either SAC or the Administration.

Subcommittees of Events & Fundraisers – should report to the meetings electronically and set meetings as needed with parent volunteers and school leadership (SAC/Administration).

Amendments to the bylaws may be proposed by any PTO member. Amendments presented at a PTO meeting shall be presented to SAC for approval.  The PTO may be dissolved at any time by the Pastor or Principal.

The authority for this organization shall be “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.” ​

PTO Contact Information:

Annette Poelvoorde – Co-chair
Kate Barkow – Co-chair
​Jessica McKeehan – Secretary