Nativity SCRIP Program

SCRIP is just a fancy word for gift cards and gift certificates. There is no difference between cash and SCRIP when you go shopping. When you purchase and use these cards, Nativity of Mary earns money when you buy everyday items at the grocery store, gas station or restaurant. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you one extra cent! Nativity has more than 75 vendors to choose and more available at ShopwithScrip.

Here’s how the SCRIP program works. Nativity purchases these gift cards and gift certificates at a discounted price. The discounts range from 2% to 20%. You purchase them from Nativity at full, face value and can use them immediately (or online with SCRIP NOW). You have full purchasing power and Nativity nets the savings passed on by the vendor. After you’ve reached your $250 profit goal, 50% of the net for every additional Scrip card goes into your account to accumulate for money off of your tuition for the next year. Last year, we had one family receive over $750 off of their tuition!

Using the Scrip program is a great way to support Nativity for shopping you already do, and to start to build a tuition credit for the next year! Don’t forget about SCRIP when doing your gift shopping. Everyone loves gift certificates and gift cards. They are a great, hassle-free gift with no returning, no exchanging, and no re-gifting. Plus you make money for the school!


Order Online

  1.  Set up an account at:

  2.  Register online 

  3. You will receive a code to enter via text or email (Your choice)

  4. Then select “Payment Options” and link your account with your bank.

  5. Again, you will log into your bank account and receive a code to enter.

  6. Then you are ready to shop! We encourage you to use the “online” scrip verses “physical” scrip cards as you receive the online cards. (Note: Not all companies offer online versions)

  7. PAY – with “PrestoPay” to receive immediately, otherwise, you will need to wait for the school to process this order which could be up to 30 days.

SCRIP Frequently Asked QuestionsAdd Your Heading Text Here

Q: Is SCRIP a required fundraiser?
 SCRIP is a required fundraiser, however, if your family chooses not to participate, an additional $250 is added to the tuition.

Q: When can SCRIP be purchased?
 Families may purchase SCRIP during regular school office hours and after weekend Masses at Nativity Church. Families can also set up online accounts!

Q: By what date does my family need to earn $250 of SCRIP profit?
To qualify for the current year’s tuition, SCRIP must be purchased by May 31.

Q: How can I purchase SCRIP?
 Stop in the school office during regular hours or after weekend Masses when volunteers are present or send completed order form and payment to school with a student. Cards will then be sent home with student as designated on order form. Or, go to online ordering and the SCRIP NOW is on your phone!

Q: Can I pay for SCRIP with a credit card?
 Unfortunately, no. There is a fee incurred when we allow payment with a credit card and the cost offsets the amount Nativity would earn through the sale of the SCRIP. Cash or checks made out to Nativity of Mary School only with order form.

Q: Can I find out what my balance due on the SCRIP program is?
 A statement will be sent home in the communications folder in January and April showing the amount of Scrip you have purchased.

Q: Can other members of my family or neighbors purchase SCRIP too?
 Yes, and you can receive credit from their purchases toward your $250 profit by making sure they designate your family name on the order form.